Listed below are a few simple precautionary measures that should be observed during installation to ensure the most satisfactory joint.


1. The Gasket should be centered on the flange. This is extremely important where raised faces are applied.

2. Be sure surface finish and flatness are satisfactory.

3. Tighten bolts to compress gasket uniformly. This means going from side to side around the joint.

4. Use a torque wrench and well lubricated fasteners with hardened flat washers to ensure correct initial loading.

5. All bolts should be tightened in one-third increments according to proper bolting patterns.

6. Retorque 12 to 24 hours after start-up, whenever possible. All applicable safety standards including lockout/tagout procedure should be observed.

7. Never use liquid or metallic based anti-stick or lubricating compounds with the gaskets. Premature failure could occur as a result.